Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 3

July 10, 2015

Not really a Chesapeake heron, but it was a heron statue nonetheless and worthy of being added to the blog.  This heron statue is not an official Chesapeake one, but can be found inside Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 2

July 2, 2015

Today we found most of the known Chesapeake herons (there are not many out there as of yet).  We were unable to find the heron supposedly at the Walmart in Edinburgh or the heron that was supposed to be at the Dollar Tree Headquarters on Volvo Pkwy.  Employees at both locations had no knowledge of the herons.  We also found out that the heron at Heron's Landing at 2133 S Military Hwy was in the maintenance shop undergoing repairs.  We will have to check back with it later. Finally, we have not been able to verify if the heron supposedly at American GFM Corporation is actually there or not.  They are closed for the holiday weekend.  We'll  check back next week.  There is also rumored to be one at a private residence, but I do not know the location.  Here is what we did find:

 heron at TCC in Chesapeake - 1428 Cedar Rd.
 outside heron behind Chesapeake City Hall - 306 Cedar Rd.
 "The Chesapeake Jewel" -  inside heron in back of Chesapeake City Hall - 306 Cedar Rd.
 up close of "The Chesapeake Jewel"
 1 of 2 herons in Treasurer's Office of Chesapeake City Hall - 306 Cedar Rd.
 other of the 2 herons in Treasurer's Office of Chesapeake City Hall - 306 Cedar Rd.
 heron showing the Great Bridge Bridge - outside of BB&T at the corner of Battlefield and Cedar
 up close of BB&T heron
 heron at Fulton Bank - 217 Hanbury Rd.
 up close of Fulton Bank heron
heron at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center (at the Garden Entrance)